Finders Keepers The Label

H e y ,   i t - g i r l

Since 2007

Fun Flirty Confident

Finders Keepers delivers must-have party-wear for the it-girl. Mastering sexy, on-trend designs in the latest silhouettes for the 18-26 year old woman.

Our belief is that clothing is a form of self expression and should convey our customers true personality. Our pieces deliver designs that are not afraid to show off the female form.

The it-girl
The life of the it-girl is fun, social and spontaneous. She's in the know and in the now, always on top of the latest looks. When it comes to socials, she’s more interested in posting than scrolling. That's our finders keepers.

Always Ready for an adventure

The other side
of you

The life of the free spirited explorer is nonstop. When she's not on the move, she's in the know, finding the latest thing to grab her attention. Forever restless, she looks for bold and exciting pieces to make her style stand out.


Brand mission

Sexy Social Self-Assured

We deliver collections that celebrate the girl that wants to have fun. Our belief is that clothing is a form of self expression and should convey our customer's true personality. She is confident enough to wear what she wants. She dresses for herself and how the piece makes her feel.

Playful, Personal, Youthful

The Finders Keepers girl seeks the adventures of life, with an insatiable appetite to explore; she's always up for something new. Wild, spontaneous and fiercely independent, she dances to the beat of her own drum. She is always her authentic self, a free spirit. With her finger on the pulse, she leads the way in fashion and in life.

Social Responsibilities

From humble beginnings