C a l m   e n c h a n t i n g   c e r t a i n

Refined womenswear Beautiful Eventwear

Dreamer Perceptive Refined Elegant

Keepsake designs elegant event wear and timeless everyday womenswear.

Keepsake has a generational quality within its collections, offering a diverse selection of silhouettes, both modest and confident.

This broadstroke of designs is unified by colours, fabrics & feels, making the brand accessible for women 19-38+.

Keepsake is gentle & clear, always passionate, never brash

Elegant event wear and
timeless everyday womenswear

Classy and Timeless

Strong occasion wear focus with communication leaning into event calendars as source of constant engagement.

Collections of womenswear that bring a sense of luxury and detail to everyday items.

Polished, elegant design at an accessible price point.


Brand mission

Making Moments

Making Moments speaks of our design philosophy of beautiful womenswear for events and everyday. Style is all about the moment, the right piece for the right time.

The Enchanted Dreamer creates the lifestyle she wants to live. For her, life is about the moments, and this philosophy is channeled into every occasion.

Social Responsibilities

From humble beginnings